Anne Marie Pace and Her Beloved Blankie

_mg_3509-212-1Today I welcome children’s author Anne Marie Pace, the creator of Vamperina Ballerina, along with other wonderful books, including the charming Pigloo which just published this week! Congratulations, Anne Marie, and thank you for stopping by to share your #WhosYourLovey story.

And now, here’s the talented Anne Marie.

Who was your childhood lovey?

I don’t remember my life before I had my blankie. It was a baby shower gift to my mother for me, so I’m guessing there were not many days when I didn’t have it. It was just a white thermal blanket with satin edges, the kind made in factories and wrapped around babies by the millions. I have no idea when I attached myself to it—it was simply always there.

img_0497What was your relationship with your lovey?

I needed my blankie to sleep. I loved the feeling on my cheek and I still do. It’s not all that impressive a feeling to adult-me, except that it carries the memory of 51 years of comfort. I don’t remember carrying it around Linus-style, but I definitely would not go to bed if I didn’t have my blankie with me.

Did your lovey ever get lost, and do you still have it?

I don’t remember any specific incidents where it was lost—however, see below regarding my mother’s poorly-scheduled washing of the blankie. And YES, I still have it. I brought it to college, to marriage, to every home I’ve lived in. It is 51 years old, just like me. And I still sleep with it. The only difference now is that I CAN sleep without it and I don’t bring it on trips, because I wouldn’t want to lose it.

pastedgraphic-1What did your lovey smell like and was it ever washed?

It wasn’t about the smell, more about the texture. I suppose it smelled like the bed, with whatever ramifications that has, since I kept it in my bed. My mom washed it fairly regularly, but I recall one specific time when she washed it too late at night for it to be dry enough. I plopped down on the piano bench in the living room and refused to go to bed until it was dry. My mother was a very orderly mother, who believed children must have a very specific bedtime, and she was NOT pleased. But I prevailed. I wash it rarely now because it’s very fragile. The satin trim is long gone, and there are a couple of huge holes in the middle.

vampirina-coverWas your childhood lovey passed down to your children or did they connect with their own (different) loveys?

Oh, they think my blankie is gross, which it is not. None of my four carried a lovey to the extent that I carried mine. They went through phases of favorites. My youngest has an orange bear with a pumpkin on its head that her grandmother gave her. She loves it, but I think more because of Grandma, who has passed away, than because of the tactile nature of the thing.


pigloo-coverAnne Marie Pace is a picture book author whose books include PIGLOO (Henry Holt, 2016, illustrated by Lorna Hussey); two original paperbacks for the Scholastic Book Club; and the three published and upcoming books of the VAMPIRINA BALLERINA series for Disney-Hyperion (illustrated by LeUyen Pham), which is in development as a television series (premiering on Disney Junior in 2017). Books coming in 2017 and 2018 include GROUNDHUG DAY (Disney-Hyperion, illustrated by Christopher Denise) and BIG-EYED BUG (Beach Lane Books, illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon). She is represented by Linda Pratt of the Wernick & Pratt Agency. She lives with her family in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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