Darlene Beck Jacobsen’s Treasured Family Member

Darlene with her loveys
Darlene with her loveys

Today, the #WhosYourLovey blog series welcomes children’s author Darlene Beck Jacobsen! Thank you, Darlene, for stopping by to answer some lovey questions.

Did you have a special childhood lovey? I had a lot of dolls and toys as a child, and don’t remember one specific “lovey”.   But my daughter had a lovey that became a treasured family member. Bunny Blanket lovey travelled everywhere – just like Smelly Baby did with Lucy. To the beach, camping, on planes, trains, boats, and in automobiles. Rarely washed, but always snuggled, Bunny played an important role in my daughter’s childhood. When she outgrew him, I carefully tucked him away so that maybe one day, he’ll be a lovey for one of her children.

Darlene Beck Jacobsen

Did Bunny Blanket ever take off on an adventure of his own? If so, to where, and how did he get reunited your with daughter?  We often went camping at a resort in northern MN when the kids were growing up. On our first such camping trip, Bunny came along on the plane and the car ride afterwards. He hung out in the cabin, went for boat rides and slept on a bunk tucked in next to my daughter. He soaked up the smoky campfire smell and got sticky from too much caramel popcorn.   We had a memorable week. When we returned home, and began unpacking, Bunny was nowhere to be seen. We turned suitcases inside out looking for him.

loveyWhen had we last seen Bunny? In bed the night before. So, after a telephone call and a search of the cabin by the owners, Bunny was found hiding between the wall and bed frame. He was swiftly packed into a box and mailed home, smelling suspiciously like caramel popcorn.

Do you remember what the beloved Bunny Blanket smelled like? I think his smell was probably like whatever my daughter’s favorite things were at the time. If she liked peanut butter, Bunny smelled like that. If it was strawberries, then Bunny took on that smell. Plus, he smelled a lot like comfort and home…those unique smells that are as individual as we are.

You’ve shared how your lovey was rarely washed, but when it did visit the washing machine, how was that handled? Was your daughter asleep, or did she know Bunny Blanket was taking a temporary trip to the laundry room? Just like we all had to take a bath now and then, so did Bunny. I don’t remember any conflict over washing him, so I don’t think it was traumatic. Just like Lucy, it wasn’t long before it smelled like home again anyway.

Growing up, did your daughter have any Bunny Blanket routines? She was quite young during the lovey phase and neither of us remember any specific routines other than Bunny always sleeping in her bed with her.

Darlene Beck Jacobson is a former teacher and author of WHEELS OF CHANGE, an MG Historical with Creston Books (2014). WOC was chosen as a 2015 notable trade book by the Children’s Book Council and National Council of Social Studies.   It also received the Grateful American Book Prize Honorable Mention in 2015.

Darlene’s stories have appeared in CICADA, CRICKET, and other magazines.

She enjoys sewing, tea parties, travel and reading good books. Her favorite destination is Australia, where she fed a kangaroo, held a koala and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef.

Her blog features recipes, activities, crafts and interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators.   www.darlenebeckjacobson.com

Keep the lovey stories coming! Thank you to everyone who has already shared a story or is an upcoming #WhosYourLovey participant  If you want to share your childhood lovey story, contact me via my website and I will forward the #WhosYourLovey doc which contains information of what is needed for a lovey post, along with questions, should you prefer answering questions rather than write about your lovey on your own. I am currently booking guest bloggers in late January/early February. 



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