Illustrator Ruth Meharg’s Beloved Blue Bunny

ruth-meharg-portraitDid you have a childhood lovey?
My childhood lovey was a bunny. He had soft, white fur and wore a blue jumpsuit with a pocket on the front and lace around the collar. It seems to be pretty standard to give loveys the most obvious name possible, so mine was called Blue Bunny.

ruth-meharg-childhoodI remember when I chose him. I was offered two bunnies, one blue and one pink, and I remember that feeling of empowerment when I chose the blue one. Even though I was quite young, I was not going to give anyone the satisfaction of choosing a stereotypical girl color. Today I wonder if that feeling that came with choosing the unexpected was part of why Blue Bunny was my favorite lovey.
ruth-meharg-childhood-2What was your relationship with your lovey?
He was a character in many of my games and would join in my tea parties and adventures with all my other stuffed animals. But Blue Bunny’s real chance to shine was at night. I slept with him every night, and even now I still can’t get comfortable in bed without something soft to wrap my arms around.

As I got older, Blue Bunny became the honored elder in a collection of Blue Bunnies. Each spring I keep an eye out for unique and interesting blue bunnies to add to the family. Now that I’m an illustrator, I find that those blue bunnies still find their way into my work. I love painting brightly colored animals, and I think that original Blue Bunny was one of the sparks that still inspire my paintings today.
blue-bunny-smHow did your lovey smell and was it ever washed?
I think Blue Bunny was washed a bit too regularly to develop a smell, although I do find myself wondering if he has one that I’ll remember if I get to sniff it again someday. One of my favorite bits of Blue Bunny was his tag, which got so soft and worn during the washings that it’s now just a few pieces of thread, still holding on. He has a few patches too, and honestly he’s not blue at all any more. Over time all his color faded to a soft grey, and you can only see a few hints of the blue in the creases where his arms were sewn onto his body.
blue-bunny-running-ruth-mehargDid your lovey ever get lost, and do you still have it?
Blue Bunny is a little bit lost today. I don’t think he’s totally lost, but somewhere in the midst of a move I put him somewhere safe. Very, very safe, because even I’m not sure exactly where he’s hiding now. But I’m fairly certain that one of these days I’m going to open up the right box and he’ll be there waiting.

As for the rest of the blue bunnies, they are currently in the care of my little sister, who I hope will grow up to think of them as fondly as I do now.

Bio: Ruth Meharg is an illustrator who uses paint and paper to tell inspiring and unusual stories from around the world. She loves bright colors, good novels and genuine smiles.

Ruth’s most recent project is a series of illustrated stories inspired by Arabic folktales. Limited edition print copies of Little Mangy One, The Wolf’s Crops, Donkey Was a Strange Bird and Thutmost IV can be found on her website,, and you can find the Kindle edition on Amazon. If you want to keep up with her latest work you can follow @ruthmeharg on Instagram.

Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your lovey story, your stunning artwork, and your love of blue bunnies.


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