Annie Cardi’s Loveys: Pillows #1 and #2

annie-cardi Today I welcome children’s author Annie Cardi. Thank you, Annie, for being part of the #WhosYourLovey blog tour and for stopping by to answer some lovey questions.

Who was your childhood lovey and where did it come from?

I had a small cohort of loveys, including a stuffed bear and goose, but my original loveys were a couple of pillows printed with a Cabbage Patch Doll image—that’s right, not even a real Cabbage Patch Doll, but small decorative pillow versions. I got the first one (“Pillow #1”) when I was a baby from a close family friend. It was pretty threadbare from the time I can actually remember it—Pillow #1 got a lot of love. The second (“Pillow #2”) came along a couple of years later, for my birthday. About five years after that, I added Pillow #3 to the collection, even though it was literally just the fabric pattern to make another pillow and not an actual pillow.

What pillow originally looked like
What pillow originally looked like

Was it lovey love at first sight?

I don’t remember when Pillow #1 came along, but it must have been lovey love at first sight because she stood out among the rest. I was big into stuffed animals and dolls, but I was in lovey love with my Pillows. I have no idea why—they’re not really stuffed animals or dolls, but pillows! How do you play with a pillow? But I loved them so much. I remember my mom saying I was attached to them, and I imagined it as a giant roll of scotch tape wrapping up my Pillows and me.

Was your lovey ever washed?

Many times! I feel like I got sick a lot as a kid, so Pillow #1 and Pillow #2 went into the wash pretty frequently. I don’t think they’d survive the washer or dryer today.

annie-preschool-portraitWhat was your relationship with your lovey?

I brought my pillows everywhere, and slept with them every night. I remember thinking that they had their own personalities, too—Pillow #1 was a little quieter and more mature (because she was older), and Pillow #2 was more outgoing. When I was around four or five years old, I considered giving them real names instead of #1/#2, but I realized that if I picked names then, I’d probably want to change their names later. So they kept being Pillow #1 and Pillow #2, because I didn’t want them to not feel like themselves.

Was your lovey ever lost, and if so what happened?

Thankfully, the Pillows never got lost, but I did leave them at a friend’s house after a sleepover. By the time I realized they were gone, my parents said it was too late to call my friend’s parents and go retrieve them. Other stuffed animals kept me company that night, but I was so happy when I got my Pillows back the next morning.

pillow-1-and-pillow-2If you still have your lovey what is its current condition?

Pillows #1 and #2 are still at my parents’ house. They’re looking a little worse for wear (you can literally see the threads weaving their fabric together), but there’s no way I could get rid of them. They’re lifelong companions!

How did your lovey best comfort you?

I had a lot of bad dreams when I was really little, so having a couple of cozy companions with me throughout the night was a big help. Pillow #2 would be under my head (like a real pillow), and I’d hold Pillow #1 in my arms. Nighttime can feel way less scary when you have a lovey or two.

518obyt0cl-_sx330_bo1204203200_Bio: Annie Cardi is the author of The Chance You Won’t Return, which was named a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year for 2015. She likes running, baking, and spending way too much time on the internet. You can find her sharing funny gifs and pictures of corgis at: Blog Facebook Twitter Tumblr.

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