Aileen Stewart’s Many Childhood Loveys

aileen-with-big-green-mousePlease welcome author Aileen Stewart, this week’s #WhosYourLovey blog series contributor. Thank you, Aileen, for hopping on the lovey train! And now, here’s Aileen.

Like the fabulous Tara Lazar, I was a passionate collector and lover of Loveys. I had loveys in all shapes and sizes, and favorite loveys came and went as I grew. My first lovey was a large green mouse almost as big as I was.

There was also a Mrs. Beasly doll from the television show, Family Affair. There was a neon yellow poodle that I bought with my birthday money when I was five. And there was a very large Raggedy Anne, even bigger then Green Mouse, which I kept until the red yarn hair no longer stuck to her head.

I had most of my loveys until I was in high school, and then, like many teenagers, I decided I was too old for loveys and gave most of them away. As I look back, I regret abandoning my loveys because I have learned through the years just how comforting loveys can be at any stage of life.

And although I have loved many loveys, one lovey has risen above the rest. One lovey that was not abandoned during my reckless teenage years. One lovey that saw me through the loss of my first husband. And one lovey, smelly and old like Smelly Baby in Lucy’s Lovey, that still sits in the spare bedroom window.

first-bear“What Lovey is it?” you ask. That special lovey is my very first Teddy Bear.

I remember when my Grandpa and Grandpa came to visit my family to see my new baby brother, and with them came two bears, a black and white bear for him and a pink and white bear for me. And although I still have her, Bear has seen better days. Her nose has long since been chewed off. Hey, I was only four. She has been laundered too many times to count. She is stiff. And she has an odor reminiscent of old stuffing and years of accumulated dust.

“Why does she hang on to such a worn out lovey?” is probably your next question. And the answer is simple. She is a tie to my childhood which I consider to have been pretty good. It was a childhood full of laughter, and love, and many loveys.

And now that I have a daughter of my own, I’m afraid that I am always unable to tell her No when she pleads for yet another lovey to add to her collection. Thus, the lovey love affair continues.

Aileen and Mildred Cornstalk
Aileen and Mildred Cornstalk

When Aileen Stewart is not reading and blogging about children’s books on her blog Aileen’s Thoughts, she is traveling around with her newest lovey, Mildred Cornstalk, promoting their Fern Valley chapter book series which includes Fern Valley (2011), Return to Fern Valley (2014), and Cooking in Fern Valley (2015). She also has a new picture book series about unlikely friends which includes Quack and Daisy (2015), Quack and Daisy Beyond The Meadow (2016), and Quack and Daisy Room For One More (Coming 2017). And she would be more then pleased if you would look her up and follower her on twitter @AileenWStewart.


4 thoughts on “Aileen Stewart’s Many Childhood Loveys

  1. Aileen – I just posted on my blog about Mrs. Beasley last week! She was not my lovely, but I was quite enamored of her plastic spectacles. I’m glad you have Bear and Mildred in your lovey menagerie.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Cathy!
    I remember Mrs. Beasley. Loved that TV show!
    Let me know if you’d like to be a #WhosYourLovey contributor and share your own childhood lovey story one week.
    Happy writing!

  3. Thank you so much for including me as part of your beautiful blog Ms. Betsy, and thank you Ms. Cathy for stopping by to leave some comment luv. I’m sure many a person of our un-named ages remembers Family Affair, lol.

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