Teddy Bear Puppet Interviews Author Jan Godown Annino

Jan at Word of South book event
Jan at Word of South book event

Thank you, Jan, for stopping by to share your childhood lovey story this week. The #WhosYourLovey blog series welcomes you and your beloved Teddy Bear Puppet.

And now, here’s Teddy Bear Puppet interviewing his owner, children’s author Jan Godown Annino.

TBP: It’s bearly imaginable that you could cuddle up with this talk if it was not conducted by me, Teddy Bear Puppet. So after a friendly scratch, lets climb a tree for a comfy visit with my owner.

TBP: What do you remember in your child days about me?

Jan: Good question! I always loved you because you were so different from other toy animals. And, you were the only hand puppet in our house.

Teddy Bear Puppet with beloved pet Ginger
Teddy Bear Puppet with beloved pet Ginger

TBP: How did you get me?

Jan: I remember being told you came from the big forest, which our little red house sat beside, near Quakertown, N.J.

TBP: ‘Only hand puppet’? Were there other kinds of puppets?

Jan: Yes! When I was about eight, at our second house, Dad built a stage in the basement to showcase marionettes. Mom had used marionettes in her publicity work for a toothpaste company & she still liked stringed, puppets, even as a grown-up.

TBP: Next to a marionette, did I seem as dull as moss?

Jan: No! Not at all! You were cuddly. When you talked, I knew Mom or Dad made you move & speak. Then I would grab you from them & hold you tight. I believed you were real. We had imaginary adventures together. Stringed puppets are a different kind of fun. Ours aren’t soft. I never once thought a marionette puppet was real.

img_6370-1TBP: Did you work my arms, like people do with puppets?

Jan: Not at first.  I was a toddler when you came out of the forest. My tiny hands couldn’t reach into your arm and head slots. I could only cuddle you. It was later, as a big girl, that I could properly operate you as a puppet. I loved you even more then, because now I was the one who made you talk. I told you my secrets and you told me yours. I feel like I kept you, my Lovey, close by, much longer than other kids I knew.

TBP: Did I get washed?

Jan: You took baths with me sometimes. I thought you should be cleaned up, ’cause I got you so dirty outside in our yard. I scrubbed you good. I think it’s how you began losing threads that defined your face. But you still look wonderful.

Cowgirl Jan with Cowboy Cousin
Cowgirl Jan with Cowboy Cousin

TBP: I notice you keep me on a pedestal now. And, I hear there is a new bear puppet around?

Jan: Yes, you seem to like climbing your metal office tree. And Ginger tolerates you. You are too special to take regularly to schools for read-aloud times. I found a smaller puppet bear that has a snug camp-out sleeping bag to share with students. 

TBP: A Teddy Bear Puppet Lovey could get jealous.

Jan: You and I have seen the forest and the trees together so many times. You will always be my berry best. And remember, I let you visit students about once a year.

TBP: I do & I like that. It’s all for The Good. Can we climb back here to this blog, to meet other berry good Loveys, like Smelly Baby & her pals as they continue the fun?

 Jan: Of course! Thank you, my Teddy Bear Puppet Lovey, with berry many appreciations to author Betsy Devany and Lucy’s Lovey.

51pue8h9mkl-_sy427_bo1204203200_Bio note: One of Jan’s joys is photographing bees, birds, manatees, alligators & other wildlife in Florida’s Panhandle, where she lives with her family. Her illustrated biography, She Sang Promise: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader is a Scholastic Teachers diversity book, a 2015 Library of Congress Great Read for Kids, an ALA/Amelia Bloomer Top Ten & it won the Florida Book Awards. Jan welcomes Kid Lit visitors @BkSeedStudio and via her writing blog/site, Bookseedstudio.





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