Annie Silvestro’s Sweetheart

A big welcome to this week’s #WhosYourLovey blog series contributor, children’s author Annie Silvestro! And now, here’s Annie and Sweetheart. The great lovey of my youth was a dark brown, velvety teddy bear by the name of Sweetheart. I knew his name was “Sweetheart” because it was stitched in pink across the heart that made […]

Emily Wayne’s “Stufftie” Obsession

My name is Emily Wayne and I am a stuffed animal addict. Admitting it is the first step right? (Except I have no intention of ever changing!) I’ve been a lovey lover since way back. I was never much for dolls (with the exception of Barbies), but stuffed animals I LOVED! To quote Tara Lazar, I’ve got […]

Hayley Barrett’s Cold Covers, A Blanket Loved and Lost

My lovey wasn’t a doll or a stuffed animal. It was a blanket. It was big and blue and fuzzy with a supremely soft satin binding. I called it Cold Covers. It looked something like the blanket in the picture below. Why Cold Covers? Well, the blanket itself was warm, but the satin was always […]

Marcie Colleen’s Sunbonnet Sue

Today the #WhosYourLovey blog series welcomes children’s author Marcie Colleen. Thank you, Marcie, for stopping by to share your childhood lovey story! And now, here’s Marcie. My love for loveys—or stuffed animals, as I call them—has always run deep. And I have had many a lovey touch my heart through the years. But none like […]

Anne Marie Pace and Her Beloved Blankie

Today I welcome children’s author Anne Marie Pace, the creator of Vamperina Ballerina, along with other wonderful books, including the charming Pigloo which just published this week! Congratulations, Anne Marie, and thank you for stopping by to share your #WhosYourLovey story. And now, here’s the talented Anne Marie. Who was your childhood lovey? I don’t remember […]

Tara Lazar’s Plushthora of Loveys

Today I welcome author Tara Lazar. Thank you, Tara, for stopping by to share your plushthora of childhood loveys! And now, here’s Tara. Oh, if ever there were a lovey lover, it was wee little Tara. I had many a lovey—an entire plushthora of loveys. (My collective noun for stuffed animals.) In fact, I brought […]

Debbi Michiko Florence and Floppy

Today I’m thrilled to welcome children’s author Debbi Michiko Florence! Thank you, Debbi, for stopping by to share your #WhosYourLovey story. Did you have a childhood lovey? Floppy, a St. Bernard dog. As a child, I had many many stuffed animals. Like Lucy in your book, each had a name. Unlike Lucy, though, ALL my […]

Anika Denise and Tomato

Today the fabulous children’s author Anika Denise joins me to talk about loveys as I launch my new Lucy’s Lovey (#WhosYourLovey) blog series, where kids, KidLit people, etc. share their childhood lovey stories. In my new picture book, Lucy’s lovey is her favorite among her seventeen doll babies, the one and only Smelly Baby. Thank […]

Loveys At The Library

Next Tuesday, October 11th (11-12) I’ll be at Ledyard’s Bill Library. Join us for a read aloud of Lucy’s Lovey, a lovey meet-and-greet, and fun activities inspired by the book. Kids  (and adults!) are encouraged to bring their favorite lovey along, whether it be a doll, stuffed animal, blanket, etc. We’ll make lovey labels, and […]

Talking TOBY and Loveys with the Talented Hazel Mitchell

My copy of TOBY arrives: When my much-anticipated copy of TOBY arrived from Candlewick Press, I immediately hugged the book. I cried. My own rescue dog, Buddy, started barking as he’s now hypersensitive to people crying. I assured Buddy this was a happy sort of crying. But he only continued to bark, so I sat […]