Lucy’s Lovey

ABOUT THE BOOK: From my publisher: Lucy’s favorite lovey, Smelly Baby, is her most loyal companion. They are simply inseparable. Smelly Baby may be pretty rag-tag and, well, smelly, but her smell is very much a part of why Lucy loves her so much. Then disaster strikes as Smelly Baby accidentally flies out the car window […]

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Author Tara Lazar and Her Plushthora of Loveys

Thursday October 20, 2016


Today I welcome author Tara Lazar. Thank you, Tara, for stopping by to share your plushthora of childhood loveys! And now, here’s Tara. Oh, if ever there were a lovey lover, it was wee little Tara. I had many a lovey—an entire plushthora of loveys. (My collective noun for stuffed animals.) In fact, I brought […]