Lucy’s Lovey

ABOUT THE BOOK: From my publisher: Lucy’s favorite lovey, Smelly Baby, is her most loyal companion. They are simply inseparable. Smelly Baby may be pretty rag-tag and, well, smelly, but her smell is very much a part of why Lucy loves her so much. Then disaster strikes as Smelly Baby accidentally flies out the car window […]

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Author Anne Marie Pace and Her Beloved Blankie

Thursday October 27, 2016


Today I welcome children’s author Anne Marie Pace, the creator of Vamperina Ballerina, along with other wonderful books, including the charming Pigloo which just published this week! Congratulations, Anne Marie, and thank you for stopping by to share your #WhosYourLovey story. And now, here’s the talented Anne Marie. Who was your childhood lovey? I don’t remember […]