Anika Denise and Tomato

Today the fabulous children’s author Anika Denise joins me to talk about loveys as I launch my new Lucy’s Lovey (#WhosYourLovey) blog series, where kids, KidLit people, etc. share their childhood lovey stories. In my new picture book, Lucy’s lovey is her favorite among her seventeen doll babies, the one and only Smelly Baby. Thank […]

Loveys At The Library

Next Tuesday, October 11th (11-12) I’ll be at Ledyard’s Bill Library. Join us for a read aloud of Lucy’s Lovey, a lovey meet-and-greet, and fun activities inspired by the book. Kids  (and adults!) are encouraged to bring their favorite lovey along, whether it be a doll, stuffed animal, blanket, etc. We’ll make lovey labels, and […]

Talking TOBY and Loveys with the Talented Hazel Mitchell

My copy of TOBY arrives: When my much-anticipated copy of TOBY arrived from Candlewick Press, I immediately hugged the book. I cried. My own rescue dog, Buddy, started barking as he’s now hypersensitive to people crying. I assured Buddy this was a happy sort of crying. But he only continued to bark, so I sat […]

Loss and Living Life

I have been absent from blogging for well over a year, and so after many long, contemplative hikes with my rescue dog Buddy, I decided I needed to share where I’ve been before I move to the next phase of my life as a published author. In May 2015, my husband lost his job again. […]

Jane Yolen’s Picture Book Boot Camp

In March 2014, I had the pleasure of attending Jane Yolen’s first Picture Book Boot Camp. The retreat had been announced in the fall of 2013, right after my husband lost his job. Something told me this was a once in a lifetime experience, and when I approached my husband about the opportunity to spend […]

Experience of a Lifetime

I am a firm believer in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, which is why I didn’t hesitate to apply for Emma Dryden’s weeklong workshop, held in July 2014. Yes, I adore Martha’s Vineyard, but add Emma Dryden to the experience? I was in. This year, veteran children’s book editor and publishing consultant, Emma D. Dryden returns to the […]

Baking Day at Grandma’s Is a Winner in More Ways Than One

Baking Day at Grandma’s is a picture book bundled in love, warmth, and thoughtfulness. At its core, it speaks to a family (grandma and her grand cubs) spending quality time together. Not only is Anika Denise’s text a pitch-perfect rhyme—and one that makes you want to clap along (and bake a cake) with the charming […]

Maddi’s Fridge

A few months ago, an online promotion for Maddi’s Fridge caught my attention. Lois Brandt’s new picture book, illustrated by Vin Vogel, seemed exactly the kind of story I wanted to share with elementary kids, with my grandchildren, and also with our local libraries. As a weekly volunteer in a second-grade classroom, I read a […]

A Writer’s Distractions

When I struggle with putting words to the page, I step outside, breathe in fresh air, then search for tiny miracles. In truth, distractions of the extraordinary.     Yet, tiny miracles always bring me back to the place I’m avoiding.   I, too, want to silently dive deep, explore a daylily (or an untold […]

The Importance of Being Present

“Red moon,” he said, his two-year-old hand reaching for mine in the dark.  As urgently as my granddaughter grabbed my arm, earlier that day.    For her, it was the return of the hummingbirds.     She’d spotted a female resting on a high branch, a potential mate preening his feathers nearby. Our clothesline, his […]