Why I Will Never Forget Henry

A few weeks ago, I came across these painted rocks in Colchester, CT. I’d stopped at Starbucks, thinking a caramel latte would cure my blues over the national news. But the rocks are what lifted my spirits. Thank you, anonymous artist, for reaching out to strangers.  I think of these rocks often now, particularly when […]

Loss and Living Life

I have been absent from blogging for well over a year, and so after many long, contemplative hikes with my rescue dog Buddy, I decided I needed to share where I’ve been before I move to the next phase of my life as a published author. In May 2015, my husband lost his job again. […]

A Writer’s Distractions

When I struggle with putting words to the page, I step outside, breathe in fresh air, then search for tiny miracles. In truth, distractions of the extraordinary.     Yet, tiny miracles always bring me back to the place I’m avoiding.   I, too, want to silently dive deep, explore a daylily (or an untold […]

The Importance of Being Present

“Red moon,” he said, his two-year-old hand reaching for mine in the dark.  As urgently as my granddaughter grabbed my arm, earlier that day.    For her, it was the return of the hummingbirds.     She’d spotted a female resting on a high branch, a potential mate preening his feathers nearby. Our clothesline, his […]

The Deer Watcher

Ever since my recent Unavoidable/Terrifying Deer Encounter, driving the grandkids in the car has taken on new meaning. Technically, I am using my husband’s Nissan truck since my accordion of a car is parked in an auto body repair lot. Strips of its frame lay in a pile on the gravel. We will not be […]

Love and Letting Go

This past week I’ve had lessons in letting go. I said goodbye to our beloved sheltie. I said goodbye to one of our cats. I let my YA novel leave my hands to allow it to become what the world needs it to be. I let go. I let go out of love. Stories whisper […]

The Wishing Flower

Growing up in the Devany family, I was beholden to my mother’s Look Beyond Yourself Birthday Tradition, which stemmed from her philosophy to always think about other people. On their one special day in the year, the birthday child had to buy (or make) gifts for their siblings. In my case, there were three. Grabbing […]

Dear Dad . . .

It seems like forever since I’ve last posted on my blog. So much has happened over the past four months, and I apologize for not including you in my recent journeys. I have, in fact, been writing each and every day, for up to five hours at a time. In addition to working the long […]

Whispering Pines Writing Retreat 2012

This year, the method for choosing Whispering Pines attendees came down to the luck of the draw: a lottery. As long as you met the deadline, you had a chance at having your name pulled from the hat. But within a few weeks, I received a sympathetic e-mail from the lovely Mary Pierce. While I […]

What Makes You Grateful?

As a writer for children, I am used to having a new character’s voice come to me at any time of the day or night. I may be dreaming or driving. Bathing or taking a walk. Sometimes, I am working at the toy store, where a conversation with a young child can easily spark an […]