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Betsy, Gordon, and Gordon's favorite book
Betsy, Norman, and Norman’s favorite book


I am available for both school and library visits, both of which I adore doing! Children are encouraged to bring their favorite lovey on the day of the event, which has been a highlight for everyone. Aside from craft activities inspired by Lucy’s Lovey, for school visits, I share a bit of my writing journey with the younger grades, while leading creative writing sessions with 3rd and 4th graders. Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more about what I can offer. I look forward to hearing from you.


I now offer a program where children bring their loveys to the library. After stories, crafts and a snack, loveys are tucked in for the night, knowing their kids will return for them in the morning. But do they stay tucked in?

Find out what happens when loveys are left alone in the library, and I have the privilege of trailing them, taking photographs that are then used in a slide show the kids view the next morning.

Kids love this charming event and you will too. Thank you Groton Library for this powerpoint presentation.



Join me in a multi-author event at Barnes & Noble Boise on March 24, 2018. Event starts at 1pm, with author readings at 2, followed by fun crafts for kids! For every copy of Lucy’s Lovey purchased that day at B&N Boise, your name will be entered in a giveaway for either an adorable stuffed pug or a Bonikka cloth doll. Giveaway prizes were inspired by two Lucy’s Lovey characters: Stasher the Pug, and Smelly Baby, Lucy’s beloved cloth doll.

Come join in the fun and bring a favorite lovey along!



“What a wonderful program she presented! Reading Lucy’s Lovey, offering sweet crafts for the children and a scavenger hunt – a perfect presentation for both children and parents and grandparents. Everyone loved bringing and sharing their lovey.
Betsy is lovely to work work and warm and sweet with children. I totally recommend this wonderful program. You will be very pleased.”
–Carol Waxman Children’s Services Librarian (Noah Webster Library, West Hartford, CT)

Betsy Devany was a wonderful addition to the Groton Public Library’s Teddybear Sleepover! A dozen youngsters gathered with their personal loveys and were transformed by the story of Smelly Baby . . . and Betsy was gracious enough to photograph our lovey guests while they explored the library. Library staff and Betsy helped compile the slides into a powerpoint presentation which we showed the following morning when the children returned to collect their fuzzy friends. This was a wonderful event made so much more special with Betsy’s participation. I highly recommend Ms. Devany.”  

–Anne Campbell, Librarian II (Groton Public Library, Groton, CT)

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