Why I Will Never Forget Henry

A few weeks ago, I came across these painted rocks in Colchester, CT. I’d stopped at Starbucks, thinking a caramel latte would cure my blues over the national news. But the rocks are what lifted my spirits. Thank you, anonymous artist, for reaching out to strangers.  I think of these rocks often now, particularly when […]

A Bath For Big Bear

For years, Norman the gorilla sat in front of the toy store. He posed with customers, listened to children tell stories, and he even let crying babies sit in his lap.  But  then Norman began to wonder. Was there more to the world besides sitting on a bench, day after day after day? So he […]

What is Your Definition of Tons?

Now that school is back in session, the energy in the toy store has shifted. Fewer people come through the door, and I can actually hear which songs are playing on the radio. During school hours, the wee ones who frequent the store are generally in strollers.  And wearing diapers. Boxes arrive needing to be checked in, […]