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Betsy and Norman reading at the library 8/09 

Betsy and Norman reading at the library 8/09

This past Monday I was the reader for the  Lullaby Concert at the Groton Library. Norman joined me.  He led the children in being monkeys while I read Caps For Sale. We brought hats for all–thanks to my husband for loaning me all of his baseball caps. Norman was so thrilled to be with children again that he didn’t want to leave. He danced. He played peek-a-boo and even volunteered to be a turtle when Barbara sang her turtle song. When the youngest children approached him with caution, Norman leaned over and extended a hand. Soon, even the little ones wanted a Norman hug. Norman wants to play Barbara’s guitar at the next concert. We shall see. After Norman and I had a long discussion about why he wasn’t driving home, he called his sister, Margaret, to tell her how much he misses her.

Norman on the phone with his family
Norman on the phone with his family

  Betsy, Norman and Barbara 8/09

To all my friends and family, I love you. I miss you.
Any storm that comes our way will pass in time.
Recognize something wonderful in your day. Laugh, then laugh again.
I am here for you. Always.

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