Never Forget

Last year, while attending the water fires in Providence, RI, I happened upon the Wall Of Hope: a community response to September 11th. Set beneath the street, the area is decorated with hundreds of tiles, many created by children.

Beyond the Wall of Hope, the canal was filled with people laughing, music blaring, and the scent of fire. Yet, in the area of the wall, no one spoke. People of all ages moved silently about, reading, taking pictures, crying, remembering.

For those who have not had the opportunity to see this memorial, I wanted to share some of the images that touched my heart, and have stayed with me ever since.

We must never forget the lives lost that day, and the lives affected by diligently working at Ground Zero. Firefighters and police officers are honored and remembered (and rightly so), but paramedics and EMTs were also present, and are mentioned less frequently. They deserve to be recognized.

A peaceful day of remembrance for all.

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