Kim T. Griswell’s Pinky

Today I am thrilled to welcome children’s author Kim T. Griswell, whose childhood lovey shares a name with one of Lucy’s seventeen dollies in Lucy’s Lovey. Though Kim’s Pinky wasn’t exactly a baby doll. Who was your childhood lovey and where did it come from? Girls growing up in the early 1960s were supposed to […]

Why I Will Never Forget Henry

A few weeks ago, I came across these painted rocks in Colchester, CT. I’d stopped at Starbucks, thinking a caramel latte would cure my blues over the national news. But the rocks are what lifted my spirits. Thank you, anonymous artist, for reaching out to strangers.  I think of these rocks often now, particularly when […]

The Hippo Years

THE HIPPO YEARS by Diana Murray We had no idea what a fateful day it was when my husband (long before we were married) went to a health insurance expo in Manhattan. He came home with some free swag, including a hippo puppet from HIP insurance. Of course we had to try it on and […]

Robin Newman’s Perfect Little Doll

With my fiftieth birthday around the corner, not to mention the highly anticipated arrival of my AARP membership card, I must confess that my childhood lovey memories have faded a bit. I couldn’t tell you any of their names, but what I do remember is that my twin sister and I each had a little […]

The Magical, Musical Baby Bear

A Magical Lovey by C. C. Payne An older lady in the church choir had given my mother the yellow teddy bear near the end of her pregnancy. So “Baby Bear,” as we came to call him, occupied my crib even before I did. Once I was placed in the crib too, Baby Bear and […]

The Life of Bun Bun

This week I welcome children’s author Nancy Tandon. Or rather Bun Bun, Nancy’s beloved childhood lovey. And now, here’s Bun Bun, who goes by a number of names. Bunny. Bun Bun. Mr. Hasenpfeffer. These are just some of the names I’ve had since being called to the highest position one can hope for: favorite. My […]

Teddy & Giraffey & The Magic of Loveys

This week I welcome the talented and award-winning children’s author, Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo. Thank you, Jeanne for stopping by to share your childhood lovey story! #WhosYourLovey And now, here’s Jeanne. TEDDY & GIRAFFEY & THE MAGIC OF LOVEYS I was (and continue to be) a Lovey Lover. The thing I remember most of my loveys […]

Teddy Bear Puppet Interviews Author Jan Godown Annino

Thank you, Jan, for stopping by to share your childhood lovey story this week. The #WhosYourLovey blog series welcomes you and your beloved Teddy Bear Puppet. And now, here’s Teddy Bear Puppet interviewing his owner, children’s author Jan Godown Annino. TBP: It’s bearly imaginable that you could cuddle up with this talk if it was […]

Aileen Stewart’s Many Childhood Loveys

Please welcome author Aileen Stewart, this week’s #WhosYourLovey blog series contributor. Thank you, Aileen, for hopping on the lovey train! And now, here’s Aileen. Like the fabulous Tara Lazar, I was a passionate collector and lover of Loveys. I had loveys in all shapes and sizes, and favorite loveys came and went as I grew. […]

Annie Cardi’s Loveys: Pillows #1 and #2

Today I welcome children’s author Annie Cardi. Thank you, Annie, for being part of the #WhosYourLovey blog tour and for stopping by to answer some lovey questions. Who was your childhood lovey and where did it come from? I had a small cohort of loveys, including a stuffed bear and goose, but my original loveys […]