Experience of a Lifetime

DSC09357I am a firm believer in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, which is why I didn’t hesitate to apply for Emma Dryden’s weeklong workshop, held in July 2014. Yes, I adore Martha’s Vineyard, but add Emma Dryden to the experience? I was in.

This year, veteran children’s book editor and publishing consultant, Emma D. Dryden returns to the Noepe Center for Literary Arts to, once again, teach The Art and Craft of Children’s Book Writing. Emma, who is smart, funny, and so approachable, brings along her expertise and her undying passion for children’s literature. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and it set a tone for the unforgettable week. The balance between workshops in the morning, and free time in the afternoon, to write or explore the island’s beauty, was perfect. Our group of twelve attendees quickly fell into helping each other: Reading, critiquing, bonding over our love of children’s literature.

DSC09183There were magical, takes-your-breath-away sunsets, the ones people gather on the beach to watch (and applaud for) every evening. There was the lone blue heron that swept gracefully into the harbor as the sun lazily welcomed a new day. There was my daily experience of padding through a sleepy Edgartown as dawn approached, past the street sweepers, relishing in the smell of fresh muffins baking at a nearby bookstore bakery. There were Emma’s writing prompts that ignited new stories within. And the evenings, in which we’d gather together as a group, preparing dinner, those were some of the  best moments.

If you do anything this year to advance your craft, or feed your writing soul, attend Emma’s workshop. You can register here, plus read more detailed information on what topics Emma will address: http://noepecenter.org/emma-d-dryden-the-art-and-craft-of-childrens-book-writing-july-5-11-2015/

I left the experience with so much more than I’d hoped for. Renewed confidence, new and nurturing relationships, and lasting memories, that still feed my creative spirit today. For a brief slideshow of some highlights from our week on this beautiful island, follow this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60PFQsjqk0k



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  1. Betsy, this looks absolutely glorious! Oh, how I long to attend these type workshops, but even if I could afford them, I wouldn’t be able to due to the inevitable fragrance and chemical exposures : / It’s so frustrating ’cause every time I hear about them, whether it’s these, or Kathy’s or Highlights or Bethany’s, they sound like the most enriching, nurturing experiences filled with beauty and kindred spirits. I’m so glad you take such wonderful pictures ’cause at least we get to enjoy it vicariously 😀

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